Joanna Lumley has said she is “terrified” that all men will be seen as “bad” following the Hollywood sex scandal which revealed decades-long abuse of women in the film industry by some of its most powerful figures. 

“This year I do feel the spirit of the suffragettes is with us and we’re speaking out about women being treated badly around the world,” the Ab Fab actress told Good Housekeeping magazine. 

“That said, I am terrified that all men are seen as bad. We mustn’t deride all men, as only the few are bad and we need to remember that, too.”

“I love and respect men,” she added. “I am married to one, I work with some wonderful men and I have a son.”

Lumley, 71, recently hosted the Bafta Film Awards, an event dominated by the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements which are campaigning to end sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry. 

“Even though they [the stars] were dressed in black, they looked wonderful,” she continued. “It felt right to wear black at the time in support of #MeToo. Anything that empowers women is to be supported.”